E6 Methodology: Custom Mix Designs

When it comes to critical infrastructure projects, time, cost, and quality matter. Antoun has developed a six-step delivery approach, the E6 methodology, to mission-critical concrete to ensure your project is finished on time and on budget.

Antoun uses High Early Strength (HES Concrete), which is a cost-saving, time-saving innovation that allows you to place concrete and reopen to traffic in as little as two hours. The CTS Rapid Set Concrete technology and project-specific mix designs are tailored to meet specification requirements every time. 

This article dives deep into the second step of our E6 methodology, Custom Mix Designs. You can read the first step here.

The Cost-Benefit Equivalent

Antoun’s mix design ensures that you can put your assets back into service quickly with minimal disruption during the upgrade. 

Even if you have a more lenient schedule, a quicker turnaround time for your project or specific sections within it introduces significant savings. You can minimise your expenses by reducing man-hours while improving productivity through the use of HES Concrete. You also minimise the indirect cost of having an asset out of commission for an extended period of time.

Antoun provides all of these advantages in a cost-efficient way, improving your productivity and turnaround time and allowing you to maintain your bottom line. 

World-class infrastructure must not begin by choosing between affordability or productivity. With Antoun, you get both — as a matter of fact, your cost tends to go down as the productivity on your project goes up.

Environmental Impact

The strength of our concrete does not come at the expense of the environment. On the contrary, we have found a stronger manufacturing process while also protecting the environment. 

Our HES mixes gives you up to 30% carbon reduction during the manufacturing process of BCSA Cement. We also reduce emissions by manufacturing HES Concrete on demand, on site, using less fuels than a traditional mixing process. We conduct no premixing or off-site batching — this means no sitting on-site burning fuels just to keep concrete live prior to use.

On-site concrete supply production via Volumetric mixers ensures that only the required quantity is produced. There is no waste from over-ordering or oversupply, no need to return waste from over-ordered concrete to the manufacturer, landfill or a registered facility.

Timeline Improvement

A reduced program in critical path sections of works should always be welcome — shortening the time frame of a mission-critical procedure removes bottlenecks in its production branches as well. 

Higher efficiency provides the opportunity to perform more critical works in shorter periods of time, increasing productivity on the overall project. We also minimise the disruption to public assets by minimising construction periods. 

Knowing how long your processes will take also gives you peace of mind. It can be quite difficult to plan a project if any major part of that project has a shaky schedule. When you do business with Antoun, you gain control over your baseline operations. 

Imagine how much more smoothly the rest of your project will go when you don’t have to worry about the timeline of building your infrastructure. This is what we specialise in, and we love creating these opportunities for our clients.

Milestone Alignment

When you can count on higher productivity from your mix design, you get better milestone alignment for the entire project program. Antoun can help you realign your project program utilising HES Concrete to expediate areas where you could otherwise be falling behind. 

You will achieve specification requirements earlier than you would with traditional technology, and the overall productivity on your project improves.

CTS Rapid Set — Exclusive Access to Australia

So exactly how has Antoun given clients a leg up in the production process?

We are pioneers in CTS Rapid Set Concrete Technology. We are the most experienced operator of Volumetric Mixers, and we have the largest fleet of on-site mixers on the market.

Antoun’s core technologies have been approved by major airports, state road authorities, and state train networks across Australia. Our lean, environmentally sound mix is in compliance with the RMS Concrete Mix Register. 

Our past projects include Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We have an ongoing relationship with large scale clients and government organisations like the Department of Transport for Main Roads (TMR) Queensland, and we have conducted the largest Rapid Set Concrete Construction (RSCC) project of its kind in the world at Australia’s busiest 24-hour airport.


Client Approval of Bespoke Mix

Our clients play a vital role in helping us be as productive as we can. After all, there is no one who knows your project better than you do, so we are out to create our specialist design HES Concrete Mixes to meet your project specifications. We have the ability to make on-the-spot changes pending ambient conditions or pour requirements.

Antoun keeps registered HES Concrete Mixes with state road authorities, so you are always getting a high-quality production standard for the core infrastructure of the country.

Antoun can design a HES mix to suit any application or project requirement. We pioneer mission-critical infrastructure solutions with the ability to design, test, and prove HES Concrete is suitable for all applications.

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