Luc Ramalinga – Head of Airports and Maritime

We are pleased to announce that Luc Ramalinga has been appointed as Head of Airports and Maritime with Antoun. Luc has over 15 years of experience in the Aviation industry and notably has been responsible for airfield infrastructure and operations at Melbourne International Airport for the last 10 years. Luc has extensive experience in airports pavements and will be able to support you in developing innovative solutions that will not only manage your critical infrastructure but also find ways to minimise your operational impact.

In addition to leading our Airport and Maritime business sector, Luc will also lead our Research and Development team. The R&D team are continuing to work on some really exciting initiatives that will benefit the airport industry in managing some of the current construction and environmental challenges.  

Luc will be reaching out to our clients in the coming weeks and will be able to visit you at your request to discuss current challenges and also future opportunities that Antoun will be able to assist you with. Luc can also make himself available to undertake a pavement inspection with you and provide his expert opinion.

On behalf of the Antoun group we look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming years as we strengthen our team to provide you with the high level of service and quality.