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Concrete is an incredibly versatile product. Whether you use it for patching, grouting, anchoring, underlaying or rendering, it will provide any project with guaranteed strength, support and longevity. It also needs to be versatile in various industries and conditions. This is where additives for concrete come in handy.

In addition to our wide range of specialist cementitious products, we have multiple high-performance cement admixtures available to be used with any other CTS Rapid Set Cement® product in our range.

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Our Concrete Additives Range
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Set Control®

A high performance additive which extends the setting time, allowing you more time to place and finish your concrete, mortar and grout materials.

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Flow Control®

Flow Control® performs two functions. First adding Flow to your mix will significantly increase the fluidity of the mixture. Second, it increases the strength and reduces the shrinkage of your mixture.

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Designed for use with our CTS Rapid Set® Cement range, Fast® is an admixture designed to speed up the setting time in cold weather environments. 

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Corrosion Inhibitor®

A high-performance additive to extend the life of steel reinforced in concrete structures.


CTS Rapid Set Cement Additive® benefits


Specifically formulated to suit your project needs by altering the properties of your our CTS Rapid Set® range – to either slow it down, speed it up, create a more flowable fill mixture or provide a protective barrier.

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High-strength & workability

Admixtures in concrete products are utilised so you don’t need to add more water which may compromise the water-cement ratio. This in turn provides increased workability while maintaining high levels of overall compressive strength and durability.

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Low permeability

Designed to repel water and reduce chloride permeability.

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Temperature controlled

Able to decelerate or accelerate curing time to adapt to both cold and hot weather conditions.

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Why Choose Antoun Concrete Product Additives

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Brand legacy

Over 15 years of trusted service as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of advanced cementitious products.

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Expert guidance

Benefit from the insights and advice provided by our highly experienced, in-house team of infrastructure product professionals.

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At Antoun, we are committed to providing smart and speedy solutions for all types of industrial projects. By utilising innovative technologies and materials, we ensure our customers spend more time doing and less time waiting.

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Streamlined services

Our multipurpose product blends and additives streamline operations by eliminating the need for additional mixes, resulting in precise quantities and minimal wastage.

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Get in touch to find out how one of our cost-effective, product enhancing additives can help you. Use them to adjust your setting speed, to change your concrete’s consistency or to protect your underlying steel structures. Talk to a member of the team today for more information.

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Concrete Additive FAQs

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How do you add them to a mix?

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Whatever your project, Antoun has a wide range of products available to get the job done.