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Antoun takes the lead in revolutionising Australia’s construction industry with specialised concrete products being Rapid Set® Belitic Calcium Sulfoaluminate (BSCA cement) and high early-strength concrete pavements. We stand out for an unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability when faced with challenging time restrictions. Powered by cutting-edge technologies and a highly experienced team, our impeccable 100% return-to-service record optimises operational efficiency and delivers outstanding results every time.

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CTS Rapid Set Bulk Cement® benefits

Construction speed

Construction time frames are dramatically reduced due to the Rapid Set® Concrete curing time.

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Rapid Set® high early strengths mean that assets can return to service sooner.

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Minimal shrinkage compared to alternative products.

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Sulphate resistant

Improved concrete slab longevity and durability.

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Why Choose CTS Rapid Set Bulk Cement®

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Client comes first- always

Our teams are trained with people and project management skills that deliver on stakeholder requirements.

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The fastest – Proven

Our 100% on-time project record and deadline guarantee for large-scale concrete slab pours means we hit timeframes our competitors can’t.

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No Surprises – guaranteed

We’ve completed hundreds of mission-critical projects over a range of industrial environments and solve little problems before they escalate.

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Rapid Set® high early strength concrete

We do everything we can to minimise our harm to the environment, thanks to increased use of recycled materials, reduction of wastage and environment-friendly products.

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The choice is easy if you need to rely on time-critical concrete pours with unmatched results and a 100% success rate.

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What is Rapid Set® concrete?

How long does Rapid Set® concrete take to cure?

How strong is Rapid Set® concrete?

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Whatever your project, Antoun has a wide range of products available to get the job done.