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CTS Rapid Set® multipurpose non shrink grout is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor projects and applications. Its unmatched strength, workability and versatility make it a must-have across various sectors, from general construction sites, rail, road and airports to manufacturing plants.

CTS Rapid Set Cement All® is a fast-setting concrete repair material that will reduce construction time across all general and structural applications, including spot repairs on walls, floors, kerbs and gutters, grouting, anchoring, and doweling.

Just mix with water to experience its all-in-one capabilities. Pick a product from our CTS Rapid Set Cement Additives® range to speed up or slow down the process to suit your needs.

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CTS Rapid Set Cement All® benefits

Fast setting

Dry in 15 minutes, this rapid set non shrink grout can be painted over and driven on by a heavy vehicle in under two hours. Perfect for projects that require quick, high-quality results.

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Non-shrink formula

This cementitious non shrink grout is custom-formulated to minimise shrinkage during the curing process, making it warp and crack-resistant even after heavy-duty use.

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Cement All® is made to withstand harsh environments. It hardens underwater and can be applied in wet weather conditions, making it suitable for use in marine construction.

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Low permeability

Damaging chemicals like chlorides and sulphates cannot penetrate Cement All® construction grout or corrode reinforcement and any other embedded steel. Our Corrosion Inhibitor® additive can also be added to further create a protective barrier.

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Why Choose Antoun High Strength Grout

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Experience and expertise

We have been a premier provider of concrete infrastructure solutions for over 15 years. Our team is made up of highly knowledgeable industry experts.

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Industry leaders

We are trailblazers of innovative construction and engineering products and are the sole importers of CTS Rapidset® bulk and bagged products in Australia.

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Dedication to problem-solving

We are focused on delivering time-critical solutions for a wide range of projects. We utilise new technologies, techniques and product formulations to reduce project disruption and downtime.

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Cost-effective and efficient

Our multipurpose non shrink grout has many different uses and benefits, meaning you don’t have to waste time and money procuring multiple products for various applications.

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Contact Us About Non Shrink Structural Grout

Whether you need to fill voids, repair damage or create structural integrity, our Cement All® high strength non shrink grout has you covered. It can be used instead of regular grout to advance your project and make it long-lasting. Talk to a member of our team today to find out more.

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Construction Grout FAQs

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Whatever your project, Antoun has a wide range of products available to get the job done.