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FastPatch® is a unique polymer repair system that bonds tenaciously to surfaces and remains flexible throughout its service life. The cure time of FastPatch® is just a few minutes, allowing for quick return-to-service times. It is also cold-applied, which makes it safe to use and means it will not push/shove after it is installed. FastPatch® is a specialised pavement product that will outlast and outperform traditional repair materials due to its unique polymer properties.

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Our FastPatch® Range
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FastPatch® DPR Kit

Easy-to-apply distressed pavement repair (DPR) material for asphalt or concrete that is a unique polymer blend of recycled and renewable materials.

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FastPatch® Aligator Crack Repair

Used to repair alligator cracks while providing a protective layer to help prevent further cracking and to keep water from entering the pavements.

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FastPatch® Kicker

Used in conjunction with FastPatch® Alligator Crack Repair and Distressed Pavement Repair (DPR) to provide faster return to service.

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FastPatch® Polyprime

Easy-to-apply primer with a fast recoat time. Polyprime® strengthens repair area surface and provides a strong bonding surface for FastPatch® products.

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FastPatch® 5000

Flexible polymer for concrete repair applications and offered in easy-to-use cartridges as well as drums or totes for larger repairs.

Fastpatch Ejc
FastPatch® EJC-Plus Black

A medium-flexible, self-levelling rapid-setting joint sealant material. ASTM C920 Type M, Grade P, Class 25


FastPatch® self-leveling pavement repair & sealant benefits

Polymer not powder

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Fast return to service

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Remains flexible throughout service life

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Will not push/shove after installation

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We have been a premier provider of concrete infrastructure and cement and polymer products solutions for over 15 years. Our team consists of highly knowledgeable industry experts.

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Industry leaders

We are trailblazers of innovative construction and engineering products and are the sole importers of CTS Rapid Set® bulk and bagged products in Australia.

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We are focused on delivering time-critical solutions for a wide range of projects. We utilise new technologies, techniques and product formulations to reduce project disruption and downtime.

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Cost effective and efficient

Our FastPatch® products remain flexible throughout its service life, does not push/shove after installation and ensures a fast return to service. Making FastPatch® a cost effective quality solution to pavement crack repair. 

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