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Our fast-setting mortar solution is suitable on a variety of surfaces in both interior and exterior settings – with no formwork required up to 150mm. Its high-build formula makes it ideal for many different types of general and structural projects, such as new builds, remediation, render/masonry repairs, mortar beds, off-form concrete, concrete cancer and pavements.

As the strongest and fastest render repair mortar on the market, CTS Rapid Set Mortar Mix® permeability and durability remain unrivalled. Whilst many traditional mortars deteriorate over time and in fluctuating temperatures and weather events, our high-build product remains stable and crack-resistant in all conditions.

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CTS Rapid Set Mortar Mix® benefits


Specially formulated to harden rapidly, our cement render repair mortar mix can be ready to paint over in just 60 minutes.

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Our high-build repair mortar is one of the highest worldwide, meaning it can be applied in a single 150mm build with no slumping. It has a customisable consistency too, trowelling to a smooth or textured finish depending on your application.

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Compressive strength

When using high-strength mortar in areas where it will come under pressure (such as a supporting foundation, or in the ground where it will be walked across and driven over) it’s important that its structural integrity can be guaranteed. Mortar Mix® has a compressive strength of 17.2 MPa after just one hour.

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Premium blend

Mortar Mix® is a high-quality proprietary blend of cement powder and sand. Designed to bond well to the surface it is applied to – all you need to do is add water as the primer!

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Why Trust Antoun High-Build Mortar

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Experience and expertise

We have been a premier provider of concrete infrastructure and non shrink mortar solutions for over 15 years. Our team is made up of highly knowledgeable industry experts.

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Industry leaders

We are trailblazers of innovative construction and engineering products and are the sole importers of CTS Rapid Set® bulk and bagged products in Australia.

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Dedication to problem-solving

We are focused on delivering time-critical solutions for a wide range of projects. We utilise new technologies, techniques and product formulations to reduce project disruption and downtime.

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Cost-effective and efficient

Our multipurpose high-build mortar has many different uses and benefits, meaning you don’t have to waste time and money procuring multiple products for various applications.

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Contact Us About Premixed Mortar

When you need to repair damage and create structural integrity, our cementitious repair mortar has you covered. It can be used instead of other mortar repair products with a thicker single application of 150mm, making it faster to apply. Talk to a member of our team today to find out more.

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Mortar Repair Mix FAQs

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Whatever your project, Antoun has a wide range of products available to get the job done.