Road Repair
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Traditional bitumen repair techniques don’t always cut it on roads that get frequent use. Over time, heavy vehicles and a high traffic volume will cause them to deteriorate, resulting in lengthy commuting disruptions and detours. If the asphalt isn’t high-quality, water, oil, grease and petrol can penetrate it, washing out the base and causing spalling, crocodile cracking or even complete collapse.

Our CTS Rapid Set Asphalt Repair Mix® and CTS Rapid Set Asphalt Resurfacer® products are perfect for various asphalt pavements, roads, driveways, and car parks. Specially formulated to be applied in all weather conditions (including rain), they can be ready for traffic in as little as 15 minutes.

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Our Road & Pothole Repair Range
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Asphalt Resurfacer®

 High-performance, fast-setting, multipurpose product for asphalt repair.

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Asphalt Mixer®

Long-lasting pothole repair solution for any asphalt surface.


CTS Rapid Set Asphalt Repair Mix® & Asphalt Resurfacer® benefits

Easy to use

Minimal surface preparation is required before use. Remove water, dirt or debris – no tampering needed. To prepare the mix, just add water, mix and pour.

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Superior strength and adhesion

High-performance, polymer-modified blends of cement, aggregates and additives that bind well to asphalt materials and substrates that mimics the surrounding surface’s strength.

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More durable and stable than common conventional asphalt repairs while being resistant to cracking, general wear and tear, and structural damage. High-strength, non-shrink properties mean these products are long lasting.

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Colour and consistency

Designed to match the colour of the existing asphalt for a seamless integration. They have a controllable consistency as they are applied and they cure with a flat, level finish with no subsidence.

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Why Use Antoun Road Repair Products

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Brand history

We’re been trusted suppliers of cutting-edge concrete and asphalt products in Australia for over 15 years. The Antoun team consists of highly skilled industry experts and operators.

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Enhanced efficiency

Our multi-purpose blends are varied and versatile, eliminating the need to invest in additional mixes to complete a project. Precise quantity = minimal wastage.

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Unlike hotmix asphalt (where it cools or requires continuous heating), our product is mixed when you’re ready to apply it. Mix as little or as much as you need to undertake your repair – minimising excessive wastage when compared to other traditional methods.

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Smart solutions

Our commitment lies in delivering timely results tailored to diverse commercial and industrial project needs. By harnessing new product technologies, we mitigate project disruption and downtime.

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Contact Us About Pothole Repair Products

Come to us for reliable and affordable road repair and asphalt pothole repair solutions. Whether it’s filling in a pothole, repairing crocodile cracking or resurfacing a road, our premier asphalt products will get the job done. For all enquiries, contact our in-house technical team or fill out the form below.

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Road Repairs FAQs

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Whatever your project, Antoun has a wide range of products available to get the job done.