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As Australia’s pioneering experts in time-critical solutions for failing concrete infrastructure, Antoun has a solution for any challenge you face. More often than not, the answer lies in our specialised concrete and polymer product range. From emergency pavement works to unique finishes, we have faster, stronger and more durable products than anything else on the market. Get your project on track smoothly and quickly – discover our various concrete and polymer products below to help you do it.

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Specialised concrete and polymer product solutions

What challenges does your project face, or what unique features do you need to bring to the build? Outperforming traditional comparisons, thanks to flexibility, cold- application and cure time of just a few minutes- all of which reduce your return to service time while increasing service life. Our polymer and concrete products can tackle anything thrown at you – together, we’ve got this.

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Specific polymer products and concrete mixes with high early strength for construction projects that demand early return to service. Can be utilised for new construction or repairs when you’re in a hurry whether on ground, vertical application or overhead!

Environmental Conditions

Environmental Conditions

Specialised formulae to deliver longevity despite exposure to extreme weather conditions, chemical exposure and corrosion.

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Decorative Purposes

When aesthetics such as colour, finish or texture are crucial, and exacting design specifications must be met.

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Time Critical

Rapid setting concrete and polymer products are in constant high demand, to the point this specialist feature has become a standard expectation.

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High Performance

Major infrastructure and bespoke projects such as bridges, airports, ports and pavements need to meet specific target strengths in a limited timeframe to facilitate use. Our products achieve this every time.

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Whatever your project, Antoun is here to assist with practical, informed and bespoke solutions. Our experts look forward to hearing from you.