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A fast-setting, self-curing specialised concrete product, CTS Rapid Set Wunderfixx® is ideal for concrete and masonry surfaces. The smooth specialist cement mixture delivers excellent bonding characteristics and durability in dry and wet environments. Apply to cosmetic concrete patching, detailing and smoothing on tilt-up panels, precast, blueboard, concrete block and masonry surfaces.

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CTS Rapid Set Wunderfixx® benefits

Achieve an exceptional smooth concrete finish every time and enjoy all the advantages our product offers.

Patch, paint and sand the same day

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Grit free, ultra-smooth finish

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Self-curing technology

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Suitable from skim coat to 12mm thick

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Choose Antoun for smoothing and patching concrete

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Experience and expertise

A premier provider of concrete infrastructure solutions for over 15 years. We are made up of highly knowledgeable and skilled industry experts with over 60 years collective experience.

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Industry leaders

We are trailblazers of innovative construction and engineering products and are the sole importers of CTS Rapid Set® bulk and bagged products in Australia.

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Dedication to problem-solving

We are focused on delivering time-critical solutions for a wide range of projects. We utilise new technologies, techniques and product formulations to reduce project disruption and downtime.

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Cost-effective and efficient

A fast-setting, self-curing specialised concrete product, Wunderfixx® will save you time and money with its easy application and rapid setting time.

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Whatever your project, Antoun has a wide range of products available to get the job done.