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Traditional concrete mix delivery is fraught with obstacles, anxiety and costs. Delays in traffic can affect the mix, inconsistency between trucks, steep minimum fees and night-time surcharges are exorbitant, and wastage is common.

But with Antoun’s concrete services and fleet of volumetric mixers, you’re in charge. We arrive on time, start mixing when you’re ready, create precisely the amount you require and can produce more or less concrete on the spot, and create zero wastage. This is the new technology of onsite volumetric batching concrete delivery – and you stand to benefit in every way imaginable.

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Advantages of Our Volumetric Concrete Mixer

Consider our volumetric mixer fleet – a mobile batch plant on wheels.

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No Time Constraints

Our volumetric mixer arrives on-site any time of day or night with raw materials and only starts mixing when you’re ready, so we avoid discharge time constraints.

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No Minimum Order

Whether you need a wheelbarrow’s worth or 10 cubic metres, the size of our fleet means we have the flexibility to deliver bespoke volumes.

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No Wastage

We mix what you need, nothing more and nothing less. This means no waste to your wallet or to the environment.

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One Delivery, Multiple Concrete Mixes

In the flick of a switch, one mobile batching plant can provide different concrete mix types.

Types of Concrete Mix Delivery

The extent of our concrete delivery services depends on the type of concrete you specify.

Portland Cement Concrete - we provide a concrete supply and delivery service. Tick Dark 1
Rapid Set Cement Concrete - we provide a concrete supply and delivery service. We also offer an application service if required or leave it to you. Tick Dark 1
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Concrete Delivery Applications

Our volumetric concrete mixer solutions are ideal for:

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Antoun
Concrete Delivery Services

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Unparalleled technical knowledge

Our in-house team of technical experts means we don’t need to outsource questions, providing solutions efficiently.

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Largest volumetric mixer fleet in the Southern Hemisphere

With just under 10 volumetric mixers, we are more than double the size of most competitors. As such, we can cater to a diverse range of projects at any one time.

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Impeccable fleet maintenance and knowledge

We’re the original importers of these volumetric mixers, so we know them inside out. Our team keeps every volumetric mixer well-maintained, ready for deployment.

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Rapid Set Concrete specialists

We developed the formula everyone else wants. Nothing is as good as Rapid Set Concrete.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum amount of concrete I can order?

What types of concrete products can I order?

What are the hours of operation?

Do I need to be accurate with my amount when placing my concrete order?

Can I get concrete testing if required?

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Antoun concrete delivery can save you time, money, waste and stress. We have the perfect solution for your project – contact our team to learn more.