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Antoun expedient pavement replacement is a masterclass in meticulous planning and perfectly synchronised execution. In fact, it’s here on the runway that all our concrete service strengths and skills are combined and magnified. As the world’s biggest planes move thousands of people safely around us, we methodically race against the clock. And we beat it every single time, laying premium airport concrete paving that planes taxi over before we’ve even left the premises.

Our work repairing, replacing and removing concrete slabs on major airports, airfields, runways and taxiways is second to none, with the team having completed work on three major international airports along the Eastern Seaboard in recent years along with other international airports.

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Road & Airport Runway Concrete Repair – Antoun Advantages

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Minimal Time

Nobody in the world can match our pace. From service delivery to product setting times, we’re an airport runway ahead of the closest competition.

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Premium Concrete Airport and Road Products

Nothing delivers at the speed of CTS Rapid Set® Concrete, an Antoun exclusive. We utilised this industry-leading, exceptionally durable and incredibly rapid-setting product, which continues to set the bar.

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Unmatched In-house Technology

Nowhere else provides this level of technology. From our volumetric mixer fleet to our team of specialists and in house technical team, we provide the best specialised equipment and minds in the business.

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World-best Concrete Airport and Road Repair Methods

Projects on this scale need more than the best people and products – how we bring this all together is what sets us apart and breaks all the records.

Case Study

Airfield pavement expedient upgrade: Melbourne Airport

Antoun provided a full concrete demolition, preparation and construction in just 4.5 hours. With minimal disruption to Melbourne Airport, our team worked with exception precision and detailed planning to deliver astounding results.

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Airport and Concrete Road Applications

Use our services and products on:

  • Any work that is time-critical and has to be completed during curfew
  • Existing airport taxi and runway concrete paving that has failed
  • Major concrete road repair
  • Also ideal for industrial warehousing where work is time-definite (such as global delivery providers)
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Antoun Road and Airport Concrete Solutions

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Industry Pioneers

We introduced this niche service and product to the Australian market and have remained the leader ever since.

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World-leading Technical Knowledge

Our dedicated in-house team of technical experts share their knowledge and passion to ensure every client project is bespoke and successful.

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Industry-best Technology

We have the largest fleet of volumetric mixers in the Southern Hemisphere. Our 3m to 9m wide superscreeds require just one operator. Not only does our equipment deliver outstanding results, it does it in a fraction of the time you’d expect.

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Unparalleled Methodology

There is science in everything we do, including how we do it. Nothing in this process is organic – we plan everything to the most minute detail, right down to where machinery is positioned and at what angle. Everything is done to minimise time and maximise results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can the concrete reach strength

What is the average construction time?

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For major road and airport concrete paving that will stand the test of time, but take no time at all to deliver, rely on Antoun.