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Having the best minds and methodology in the business isn’t enough. Cutting-edge equipment is every bit as crucial for accuracy, saving time and money on your project. This is why Antoun has always invested in specialist concrete machinery and engineered specific modifications, some of which you won’t find anywhere else worldwide.

From SuperScreeds and Volumetric Mixers to Minnich Drills and mobile cement loaders (Bazooka Tubes), our specialised concrete equipment sets the bar and ensures our concrete services remain the best in the business.

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Advantages Of Our Specialised Equipment

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Expedient projects

Equipment reduces the number of manual operators required to undertake certain tasks. This improves efficiencies, meaning we get more done in less time.

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Exceptional accuracy

Exact precision pours, lightweight equipment that’s easy to manoeuvre-  reducing manual handling while  delivering meticulous outcomes.

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Cost Savings

Fewer operational resources, reduced downtime, and no wastage, cuts overheads returning more savings.

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Zero Waste

Our volumetric mixers only produce what you need- adapting from your original estimates to your actual quantities in real-time.

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Super Screeds

The only Super Screeds in the Southern Hemisphere, these incredible pieces of machinery can span from as narrow as 2m, up to 9m requiring a single operator. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, the superscreed can be mobilised in a fraction of the time. These screeds deliver exceptionally flat surfaces. You won’t find another concrete screed like this.

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Volumetric Concrete Mixer Fleet (Mobile batch plant)

With the largest volumetric mixer fleet in the Southern Hemisphere, our mobile concrete batching plant can produce anywhere from a wheelbarrow of concrete to 10m3 with no reloading. These can be continuously reloaded to produce up to 50m3 per hour. We deliver what you want, when and where you want. No time constraints, minimum order, wastage, or outrageous exorbitant surcharges.

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Minnich Drill

In just 20 seconds, a single Minnich drill can drill a hole from 12mm – 50mm diametre, and up to 500mm deep where conventional methods will takeup to 30 minutes. Additionally, Minnich Drills require limited manual handling and utilise an onboard extraction and filtration system significantly reducing airborne silica dust, making this option ideal for the health and safety of all on-site.  The difference is so remarkable; there really is no comparison.

Both single and multi-gang units are available and they can be manually operated, self-propelled or mounted on excavator, skid steer loaders and various other equipment.

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Bazooka Tube

With the Bazooka Tube Supersax 1200, Antoun can increase the efficiency of your remote cement terminal operations or bulk bag transfer. This portable transfer conveyor has an integrated dust extraction system designed to load cement or other bulk products efficiently to truck or rail. It’s efficient, quiet and dustless.

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Why Choose Us

Why Antoun for Specialised equipment

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First class equipment

Specialist concrete equipment reduces project cost, time and wastage.

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Readily available

Our equipment is not readily available in the industry- competitors often have to hire from us.

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Incredible in-house specialist fabricators and mechanics available to modify and maintain equipment, keeping operations optimal.

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Precision quality

We don’t cut corners – investing in first-class equipment delivers first-class results.

Frequently Asked Questions

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