The First Step of Our E6 Methodology Fit-For-Purpose Specification

Antoun’s BCSA Concrete technology is a time saving and cost-saving innovation that allows you to set concrete and reopen to traffic in as little as two hours. Our proprietary E6 process is the reason that we can promote our product as high early strength (HES) concrete that any construction team can depend on.

 The first step in our process is a Fit-For-Purpose Specification. Here we will go over what that means for the quality of the product and to the success of your projects.

 What is a Fit-For-Purpose Specification?

Before we even prime our mixing tools at Antoun, we conduct a thorough analysis of your needs to ensure that we can deliver mission-critical concrete for your project.

We start with a key variable analysis that includes client-engaged scenario planning. Asset owners and operators know better than anyone where the critical points are on their site. We translate your insights into innovations that are focused on the criteria you specify. Our experience in the industry allows us to foresee other issues that may arise based on your insider perspective.

The makeup of concrete we produce is only one aspect of how E6 Step 1 is tailored to your purpose. All projects face not only engineering constraints, but also time and money constraints. Look to us to expedite time-critical deadlines and slash budgets and see how we prime ourselves for any challenge from day one.

As a part of the Fit-For-Purpose Specification, we also perform a strength, life cycle and compliance analysis to ensure that you get the exact product you need, within budget and on time. Have peace of mind knowing you will have minimal disruptions and a fast return to service of assets with our HES concrete and experienced planning.


Our HES Concrete achieves 20MPa compressive strength in 1 hour and 3.2MPa flexural strength in 2 hours. This above compliant strength allows for the resumption of high-volume traffic over the space in less than 120 minutes after pouring. We only use the best beltic calcium sulfoaluminate (BCSA) cement to achieve this performance.

Life Cycle Analysis

BCSA Concrete is more durable, allowing for longer life of assets – reducing maintenance and repair costs. At Antoun, we pride ourselves on giving you a solution, not a band-aid. The durability of our BSCA concrete reduces or completely eliminates permeability and shrinkage cracking. You will benefit from improved impact and abrasion resistance along with absolute sulfate resistance.

This added protection is present even in emergency repair cases – using BCSA Cement for rapid return to service improves the durability of the final pour, as the cement is exposed to less contaminants on site and unsafe conditions. Not only does Antoun’s methodology improve the durability of our product, but it minimises the safety issues on-site for commuters, construction teams, and pedestrians.

Speed & Time Critical Deadlines

Antoun’s HES concrete can achieve structural and trafficable strength in as little as one hour allowing infrastructure assets to return to service with minimal disruption to the public.

Cost Savings/Budget Constraints

Using BCSA, HES Concrete provides ongoing cost savings by reducing indirect costs and long-term asset maintenance. BCSA cement is proven to pay for itself, through the time saved on projects when compared to traditional Portland cement. Rapid setting mixes using BCSA are much more controllable and durable than Portland mixes, regardless of the formulation used.

Our experience delivering large concrete pours in operational field conditions means no more expensive waste, faster batching and time-to-completion, downtime minimisation and on-time delivery. Our exclusive access to Volumetric mixers and our streamlined process brings your project a total production rate of up to 50 m3 per hour, resulting in reduced program costs and reduced downtime.



High Early Strength (HES) Concrete is designed to meet local, state and national specifications. Antoun can tailor a mix design to suit most applications and specification limits. All Antoun HES, BCSA concrete formulations are created in compliance with ASTM C1107, ASTM C928 and ASTM C1600 standards.

Key Variable Analysis

High Early Strength (HES) Concrete will exceed most technical specification requirements. Our goal is to provide our clients with a standard that is above Civil Construction specifications, which we accomplish through a thorough analysis of the vital points of your project. Whether you need structures that are disaster-resilient, are creating a product to meet building standards, or have a multifaceted project requiring multiple mix designs on-site, Antoun can help. Our current client and location list includes Melbourne Airport; Sydney Airport, RoadTek and Sutherland Shire Council, among many others.


Client Engaged Scenario Planning

We will then step you through the process detailing a number of scenarios and outcomes utilising Antoun’s BCSA concrete technology and outline its advantages to the project goals. We have worked extensively with private residential, commercial and government contractors. Hence, we can scale and streamline our methodology to fit the scope of multifaceted projects at any scale.

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