Welcome to the new Antoun

You may have known of us as one of the following companies – Antoun Civil Engineering, Volumetric Concrete Australia, CTS RapidSet Cement, SiteMix Australia, Minnich Drills and International Mobile Mixers. We’ve always collectively aimed to combine innovative thinking and techniques with our experience, resources, systems and understanding of our clients needs to not only meet their demands but to exceed them. To successfully exceed these needs, we’ve merged all companies into one, functioning as a single brand with a single mission. 

So we’re here to introduce to you, the new Antoun.

What does this mean for you?

For you or your business… not too much honestly. 

We may have a new name and a new logo, but we’re still the same friendly team, offering the same level of experience and expertise to get the job done- first time, every time. It still means a job done right with minimal loss of revenue, whether that’s dealing with the complexity of replacing an airport taxiway overnight or restoring critical public infrastructure without closing operations. 

By combining our resources, we are now able to offer comprehensive experience in the services our clients require, including;

  • Expedient Pavements
  • Civil Engineering
  • Volumetrics
  • Remediation and Rehabilitation
  • Earthwork and Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Delivery of Concrete
  • Specialised Products

Not only have we refined our core skills; the merged brand means we are able to offer the only deadline guarantee in the market through our E6 Methodology for Expedient Pavements.

Our E6 Methodology is a six-step process designed to ensure that whatever eventuates during the course of a project, we will complete on-time and on-budget to the very highest standard. No messing around, no cutting corners, and no excuses.

We just get it done- first time, every time.

We’ve decided to keep our logo clean, with no complications or surprises (much like our service). The brandmark in the center is made up of 6 sides; representing the merger of 6 companies into a single link as well as our new E6 Methodology.